Raw, Living Apricot Thumbprints

These are easy, delicious and fun to make! Apricot Thumbprint cookies ready to go into the dehydrator
I use left over almond pulp because we drink a lot of almond milk. If you don’t have or want to make the pulp you can simply grind almonds in a coffee grinder until you get a fine grind or powder. Just be careful not to grind it into almond butter!

2 C. Almond pulp
1/3 C. Coconut Oil, melted
1/3 C. Agave nectar
2 teaspoons Gluten-Free Vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt
4 Medjool Dates, blended into a paste using 1/4 to 1/3 C. coconut water. (or filtered water)
1 teaspoon Maca powder
1-2 C. Steel cut oats or Oat Groats, ground
*Apricot jam (see below)

Make your date paste, soften the coconut oil and if needed grind almonds.
In large bowl, mix all ingredients except oats until blended. Gradually add oats until you get cookie dough-like consistency. (you will know as mixture will thicken and stand up well without flattening when dropped by spoonful.)
Drop by spoonful onto Teflex dehydrator sheet. Press thumb into center to make a well into cookies. Add apricot jam into center. Dehydrate at 105 until you get desired “cooked” edge. (typically 4-6 hours you will have a nice outside edge and soft center, longer will give you a more ‘cooked’ texture.)

*Apricot jam can be made by putting apricots and agave into the blender. I add Irish Moss one ounce at a time until I get the desired thickness.

These cookies actually make a great cookie cutter cookie. My son pressed the dough onto the Teflex sheet and used cookie cutters to make shapes. It worked great!
Personally, I love this recipe with cacao nibs, but then again, doesn’t chocolate go with everything? 😉